Filmtransco can supply Cars, Lutons, pickups, 9-seater mini buses and trailers which can be fitted out and bespoke to your needs.

Whether it’s rails in a custom Luton or shelving and power for the camera department, we can tailor your vehicle to your requirements.

All of our vehicles can be supplied with Drivers and drivers labourer, if required.

We also offer fuel bowsers, so your trucks are always ready to go to the next location. With pickup vans, minibuses and unit cars, nothing is too big or small. 

There’s no time for a break-down when you need to beat the sunset to film that golden-hour shot, so we perform regular tyre inspections and offer on-site tyre fitting and repair.

 We also have a team of advanced and off-road trained drivers to reach the most beautiful and remote scenes. Our drivers have second-to-none vehicle control and awareness so that you can feel at ease that all of your equipment is delivered safely. 

We also source and supply numerous vehicles for crew to use and drive themselves. An ex-senior Land Rover instructor can provide self-drive drivers instruction if necessary and we can organise and operate traffic management systems when required.  

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